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UCRM API general question

@rspaeth  if your around

This is just a general brain picking of you guys


Ok so I made a portal for our resellers and I want to add a new function to it. I want to tabulate exactly what they get paid. (currently I have an approximation but I need it to follow the policys and procedures laid out in our reseller agreement)


Before my morning coffee kicks in I was wondering how I am going to achieve this, given the static data we can get from the crm.


our policy is the customer needs to be active for the entire month, and not carry an outstanding balance. (no I dont use account active date as I am not a WISP and the crm doesnt actually have device interaction)


Here is what I am thinking

-> I can look to see if the customer made a payment last month and compare it against $accountbalance == 0 (a payment last month would tell me they have indeed been a customer for more then 1 month) invoices are generated 5 days before end of month and are over due on the 7th. So if I run this on the 15th I feel as if that would be fair.


Kinda throwing this one out to you guys, given the data we have via api, how would you achieve these answers? What the end goal here is to have a one click solution that generates an invoice from them to me so they can easily get paid and I am not chasing them down for invoices (so we can write off the taxes included in payments to resellers)


Thanks as always guys,