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Re: UCRM - General Info

Just clarifying, UCRM is a WIRELESS CRM system, correct?


Because I have a campus with different tenant units that I would like to offer internet access to each using the Unifi switches and security gateway. Features I like are the autodisconned for unpaid service, and service outages. Would this fall under a feature request to implement support for wired connections on Unifi devices?





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Re: UCRM - General Info

@cookdoeyl Hi, although UCRM can be used both with wireless and wired clients, UCRM can't work with Unifi for now. You could look at the Unifi controller and Unifi forum. Currently, we don't plan to integrate Unifi to UCRM but we would be happy to discuss it with the community.

This has been discussed also in these topics:
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Re: UCRM - General Info



I'm using another service for managing service requests, invoicing, billing and they have some critical limitations.  Maybe you could confirm the following;


- Can I create re-occurring invoices?  And, once created can I adjust the amounts and add items that will appear on the next occurrance?

- Does it support transititon from lead -> estimate -> to service request/invoice?


Feature request: add wepay as a payment method.

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Re: UCRM - General Info

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Yes, these things are possible, except "wepay" isn't currently an option. You can check out a live demo to see how this works here.


This screenshot shows a Client Lead where you can create a service and them move them to regular client status. 


Let us know if you have any other questions.