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UCRM - Partial invoice

Now I am getting unexplained behavior in UCRM 2.15.1 (Stripe Linked Subscription, sandbox mode)



1) Setup new client

2) $150/monthly plan

3) Stripe payment


Only webhook is charge.succeeded for $150


Everything appears OK in UCRM

The recurring invoice generated hour is noon.



An invoice for $150 is generated, showing $140 credit, amount due $10 ????? WTF (see attached)

A second invoice for $10  immediately follows, showing $10 credit, zero balance (see attached)


I've attached the UCRM log


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Re: UCRM - Partial invoice

Hello @DennyBoll, you probably created service with prorating. The service price would be $150 for full period and that is what linked subscription takes as amount.

However the invoice for the first prorated part 29/3 - 30/3 was created first, then the full invoice was for 31/3 - 29/4. So as the payment for $150 came, it covered the invoices based on time, the prorated part first, then the full period.

You can see this in your exported log, the 19002012 was first ($10), only after that the 19002013 ($150).

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Re: UCRM - Partial invoice

That is confusing for the WISP and client. The client sees what stripe charges, and in linked mode ground truth is stripe. Everything else is extraneous.


How can pro-rationing be turned off?  I didn’t see that option... How does the 30 day vs actual month interact with stripe’s monthly billing?

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Re: UCRM - Partial invoice

From ~/help/invoicing-prorated


How to disable prorating

  • If you don't want the first invoiced period to be prorated, make sure the invoicing doesn't start in the middle of the billing period,
    i.e. the Invoicing start date equals to the Billing Period Start Day.
  • Similarly, to disable the prorating of the last period make sure you set the service's Active To on the period end date.
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UCRM - invoice

Can someone please help me with an invoice template?


Am I able to add a payment voucher at the bottom section of the invoice? Are there other invoice templates available for UCRM?