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UCRM Set up and Bandwith Control

i have set up ucrm but bandwith limitation and suspension features are not working do i need edge os for the above fuction to work need help thanks

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Re: UCRM Set up and Bandwith Control

Your going to need to provide more information about your network before anybody can help you.


UCRM alone can't do anything. 


Bandwidth shaping either happens at your NOC router (better be a good one), or at your CPE gear. 


Suspension requires either a Edgerouter or a Mikrotik device as your gateway. 


There is plenty of help material on this forum and in UCRM itself to get this going.  But if it doesn't work come back here and ask, there is much advice available.



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Re: UCRM Set up and Bandwith Control

@conrad254 In the upcoming integrated version of UNMS & UCRM, the shaping and suspension features will be handled automatically without any need of manual configuration of any router or AP.

Meanwhile, in the current UCRM, you need to follow these guides:

If you are using 3rd party HW as your gateway router, you could use one of the existing UCRM Plugins: