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UCRM Synchronizing Suspension ssh_exec() warning

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I am getting the following error from UCRM.


2019-03-12 10:44:07 am
Warning: ssh2_exec(): Unable to request command execution on remote host    
2019-03-12 10:44:04 am
Synchronizing suspension.

2019-03-12 10:44:03 am
Connecting to


I have configured UCRM for Suspension and the site router NAT/Firewall, but the command execution to update the BLOCKED_USERS group on the router is not executing.  The login username and password has been verified and it is in the router's Admin group.  I can ssh from the UCRM server to the router.


UCRM version is 2.15.0 (on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS), and the ER-6P router version is 1.10.7.


Both the UCRM application and the router are set to use ssh on port 22.  The router is set to use ssh v2.


I can manually add CPE IP addresses to the BLOCKED_USERS group and it successfully blocks those users.  I am also using UCRM to managing QoS on the CPEs without an issue.


What could be creating this UCRM ssh2_ecec() issue?



After getting the above error for several hours, it started to work (Literally, just started to work.  I was doing research and not touching the configurations at all).  Unfortunalty it worked too well.  There were 120 suspended users (one address each) in UCRM for that site, but the router was given 338 addresses to block.  I am not sure if this number would have grown, but I turned off the UCRM suspention feature at that time, and rolled back the blocked users on the router.  Currenly configuring the blocked users manually on the router.


Users are configured in UCRM to the site that they are assigned, and this is correct in UCRM.


The new question is, why would UCRM send user addresses that were not labelled as Suspended?

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Re: UCRM Synchronizing Suspension ssh_exec() warning

Hi, all the network features will be soon power by UNMS which will bring huge improvements for UCRM's suspension, shaping, and NetFlow.

> The new question is, why would UCRM send user addresses that were not labelled as Suspended?
For example, this can happen also for client's service which is terminated or which is not active yet (prepared service with the activation day in the future)