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UCRM Ticketing multiple CC's

Hi folks


I've been asked to review Ubiquiti UCRM to see if we can move over to it. We have two instances that I'm not sure how UCRM will handle.


1. Firstly, a tech support person (Not the customer, say a IT support company) rings in on behalf of a customer. I need to open that ticket in relation to the client but emailing the support person - and may or may not CC the customer in question (Often our client contact is a finance person who doesn't want to be CC'd in a support email).


2. A similar issue to above but when the client emails us and CC's their support company or simlar. This CC'd email seems to be stripped from the ticketing system and not be included in the ticket. An example maybe a person experiencing phone issues CC'ing their VOIP provider who should be involved in the email chain and integral to resolving the issue - but again not the direct client.


Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get around those issues?


Cheers and thank you in advance for any help!

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Re: UCRM Ticketing multiple CC's

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Re: UCRM Ticketing multiple CC's

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