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UCRM - UNMS - Web Server - Reverse Proxy?

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So i had some parts laying around and built a I-7 8 core 32Gb ram server.

I am wanting to have UCRM UNMS Wordpress website on the same Pc.


I have one Public IP

I have 3 domain names and the dns points to my public IP / Pc - IP


Should I use non standard ports for all 3 programs?

Then use reverse proxy that listens on port 80 and 443 and redirects with the domain name to the non standard ports?

Is this correct or completly wrong?

Thank you.



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Re: UCRM - UNMS - Web Server - Reverse Proxy?

Same issue here. Using Proxmox to house my vms and UCRM and Wordpress need to be on the same server. So now I have 3 localhost sites I need to seperate. help please?