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UCRM adding devices remotely

Hi guys need some urgent help.

I recently visited my home coutry to setup a small network. However i returned to where i live and want to manage the network remotly. So i setup Digital Ocean to have UNM & UCRM.


My Question is: How do i add new devices to my system remothly to UCRM or UNMS, what IP do i have to use when adding devices.

 when i was on site, i used the generated URL to add device to UNMS. But UCRM dosent have this feature.


Help, help.

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Re: UCRM adding devices remotely

currently, UCRM needs to be able to talk to the Local network


so you will need to set up a VPN from the UCRM network to your VM

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Re: UCRM adding devices remotely

Yes, UCRM needs to be able to access the devices. However, only a few UCRM's features need this and maybe those are not important for you @NetworkMaster

Feel free to start using UNMS (which will soon be integrated with UCRM anyway) - UNMS is the best tool for network management and related features.