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UCRM and WISP layout



I'm new to UCRM and Edgemax stuff and i'm learning something new everyday. I'm setting up a small WISP to serve people in the countryside who get at best 2Mbps over a phoneline. I've configured a test network as shown in the photo. I have a business VDSL2 line connected to the ISP's VDSL2 modem-router that puts out a network where i connected a PC with a VM for UNMS and one for UCRM. I also connected an Edgerouter X to the internet side with DHCP and it got an IP. I ran the basic setup wizard disabling the default firewall rules and i got a switch0 interface with a subnet and DHCP going out on eth1 to eth4. I tried following all the UCRM guides but this simply does not work... I have configured a NS5ACL as PtMP AP and a Litebeam Gen2 as station in router mode but UCRM sais that it's down. How should i configure the ERX? And should i put UCRM on the "eth0 side" or the "eth1 side"? Also, my ERX syncs with UCRM but it can't detect the model. I'll attach a few photos!


Thank you very much in advance!net design1.PNGCurrent network layouter1.PNGer2.PNGqos.PNGqos2.pngucrm1.PNGucrm2.PNGucrm3.PNGucrm4.PNGunms.PNGAll devices show on UNMS

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Quick update


Found out that I didn't enable NAT on the CPE.

I connected a computer to the Litebeam (client) and the traffic shaping works but it still says "outage" near the client in UCRM and still says that the CPE is down.. Also graphs don't update..

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Re: Update

are you able to ping the radios form the UCRM server?




Always best practice to have all your subnets in the 10.x.x.x range this will make OSPF loops and slitting towers much easier for you in the future


never in a 192 that's just asking to have conflicts



also I would not waste too much time getting devices monitored in UCRM as they are hard at work with the UNMS/UCRM integration 

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Re: Update

Hi dude!

No.. unfortunately I’m unable to ping the radios..
I think because they are behind the NAT set on the ER.

Yes, I know it’s best to only use 10.x.x.x subnets, in fact i’ll Be using that in the final stage.
I don’t know what OSPF is, I’m still learning Man Happy

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you very much!
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Re: Update

I did it!!

I just created a bunch of source and destination NATs and added new IPs to the WAN interface.
I know, it’s not the best practice to do it one by one, by hand..
I’m still learning how to do routing stuff!
If you could please tell me how I can automatically sNAT and dNAT a public IP to a private one it would be great!

Thank you very much! Man Happy
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Re: Update

A few questions/suggestions:

1. If you are doing 1to1 NAT, why not hand out the IPs directly to the devices connected to CPEs? Change the VDSL LAN subnet to something more unique like a CGN IP range, put CPEs in bridge mode, separate management VLANs for CPEs from the IPs handed to your customers, and hand the customers an IP from the modem directly. Better yet, remove the routing functionality from the modem and move the public IP to your Edgerouter itself. I doubt that little modem/router combo can handle very many connections anyways.

2. Why is your UCRM/UNMS server not connected to your Edgerouter so that you can monitor/connect to devices directly? You have control over this and moving it to the Edgerouter would make your life so much easier.

3. Rogue DHCP server/excessive broadcasts can be prevented by introducing client-isolation on the radios and within your core switch of the network.
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