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UCRM cannot import its own exported client list

If i export all our clients using the Clients,Export button, it creates a CSV file that can be downloaded from System,Tools, Downloads.


If i try to import this file back into UCRM from System,Tools,CSV import,Clients Import.  It does not work.  A fiew of the biggest problems I see with the exported file are UCRM puts first and last name in one column.  Puts all emails in the same column, All phone numbers in the same column.  And the registration date is not in the format that the import wants.


Another huge problem for us is if the client already exsists, then it is impossible to import new data into an exsisting account.  For example the data entry person for us did not include customer emails when they entered the account into UCRM.  I was hoping to export the exsisting customers to CSV, add their emails, and then import the file back into UCRM.  Unfortunately that does not appear possible.  It errors out saying client ID already exsists.  


Any sugestions?


Thank you.

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Re: UCRM cannot import its own exported client list

Hello @superbree, the CSV import tool is intended for importing new customers only, not updating them. If you want to update existing customers with new data, you can use UCRM API. See the API docs here and an example script here


We'll check the UCRM export cannot be imported back, thank you for reporting this.