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UCRM connecting to AirControl

New user to UCRM we are working on using this software for our company but I would like to connect it to AirControl as we have a lot of data in AirControl as well as all of our gear is already there.  Is there a way to connect the two?  I did some searching on the forums and didnt find anything, any assistance would be helpful.


Currently our UCRM has no customer information.

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Re: UCRM connecting to AirControl

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UNMS is replacing Aircontrol2 so that would be a NO unfortunately


there is a version of UNMS integrated into UCRM coming soon 



that being said there is a lot you can do wit UCRM plugins so there will not be official support for Aircontrol


this does not mean you can't program or pay someone to make a plugin for UCRM to do some functions you need


but there is only an SDK for Aircontrol1 so you may have to revert


Hopefully, after UBNT end of life's Aircontrol2 they will open a SDK for it