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UCRM integrated solution for apartment complex

So I would really like to have a solution for an apartment complex that integrates well with UCRM. Presently I have the entire building on one AirMax AC cpe (all just temporary, but do plan on having just one point of connection there to my tower). There have grown to be about 10 apartments, and for bandwidth managment I am just oversubscribing the antenna about 4:1 and is working fine for now, but I am moving my entire network to using UCRM and it's automation.

I had considered buying a bunch of AirRouters and using one per sub in the data closet (wifi disabled) and putting the uplink into bridge mode. This way, each AirRouter could be treated as an independent CPE. Seems kind of kludgy, I know, but effective in my scenario. I could do the same with airCubes perhaps too.

What other approaches would integrate well with UCRM? I am very much a noob with UCRM, so perhaps there is a way to achieve the same with EdgeOS or similar? The AirRouter approach also works well with AirControl and UNMS, so there are still benefits. I had considered using AirCube, but there is not cpe level bandwidth shaping. I am also considering gateway level shaping instead, but still... UCRM is still pretty new to me.


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Re: UCRM integrated solution for apartment complex

What we have done in a couple of cases is to install an ER-X-SFP as the gateway, with multiple airCube ISPs in bridge mode behind it.  NAT is handled on the ER-X-SFP with each downstream port having its own subnet.  UNMS manages all of it, and you can shape on the ER using fq_codel (advanced queues).


We are hoping for an eventual airCube hardware rev that allows PoE powering from the WAN port.  This would be perfect for MDUs, and (once the airCube firmware allows it) the users will have basic controls available on their side.