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Uploading HTML files using webroot tool

I notice when I've uploaded HTML files using the webroot tool, it simply downloads the file instead of displaying it. Is there a way I can change this behavior? I'd love to be able to add a static HTML file to the site. 



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Re: Uploading HTML files using webroot tool

UCRM doesn't allow this due to security reasons. All the files are downloaded instead of processing them.

However, you can try one of these:
1) if you need a page visible for your clients (logged in the client zone), use /system/customization/client-zone-pages and create one here
2) create a simple UCRM Plugin - there is an easy way how to show a page publicly for anyone
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Re: Uploading HTML files using webroot tool



Are you looking to add HTML files only? Including static assets (i.e. images, css, javascript, etc)?


Do you need PHP files working as well?


I accomplish all of this myself in my plugins and I was thinking of creating one specifically for this purpose.  The concept would be an Admin side UI interface with built-in file explorer that allowed upload or creation of web assets, setting a default file (i.e. index.html, custom.php, etc.)


The system I designed around the Slim Framework uses the plugin's "public.php" file as a simple "front controller" that then uses query string parameters for routing.  Everything is currently working and the only security concern would be that of the web-author's abilities/education.  Obviously if the content is not authored properly, many vulnerabilities can be exploited, and I believe this to be what Ubiquiti is mostly concerned about.


Please let me know if this is something you (or any other community members) need, as I believe we can certainly meet somewhere in the middle in making the UCRM system both secure AND fully-featured.