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anyway to disable billing in UCRM?

where are in a huge need of UCRM's ticketing, customer database, and calander options but our network is just not ready for the biling part yet... anyway we can use UCRM and it not do any of the billing part and enable billing after we have all our stuff in its data base and feel safe with it?

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Re: anyway to disable billing in UCRM?

Hi @900mhzdude
what you are looking for is the "In-app demo mode" - this ensures no billing emails or other emails are sent to clients until you configure everything.
You can turn this mode on during the initial wizard (on the last page) or later at yourdomain/wizard/lets-start

You can even run UCRM for a while with the invoicing enabled, all emails will be sent to you (not to your clients), later you can prune all the test invoices and keep all the remaining settings, services, etc during the "demo mode termination".