Router Mode Update - OLT v1.1.0 & ONU v2.0.1

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎02-12-2018 04:03 AM - edited ‎04-04-2018 04:31 AM

This is a long-awaited release which adds a lot of new functionality to your UFiber GPON deployment. Before you apply the firmware upgrades to all of your devices, please read this post carefully.


Important Notes

- Due to deep changes in OLT codebase we were forced to drop support for ONU FW version lower than 1.2
-- You will be able to upgrade ONUs with older firmware from the OLT but the networking will not work

- ONU router mode works with UBNT and Huawei (support for other OLTs is coming soon)

-- UFiber OLT will do a full router mode provisioning to the ONU

-- If using Huawei OLT, you need to configure router mode directly in ONU


IMPORTANT: Upgrading an OLT to 1.1.0 will cause all connected ONUs with firmware before 1.2 to stop passing network traffic, however an update to the ONU from the OLT can still be performed.

- ONU firmware above 1.2 will pass traffic as expected, firmware above 2.0 will allow router mode.


What to do in case of any problems during the upgrade

  • Do NOT reboot the OLT before downloading support file (can be done via System tab in WebUI) This file will help us greatly in investigating any issues that might occur.


New Features

- Router mode (configuration is basic for now; function limited to IPv4)

- Extended bridge mode provisioning (link speed, LAN IP)

- PPPoE support

- LACP support

- OLT upgrades ONUs FW in parallel now

- Locate function for ONUs

- ONU name can be set from OLT only (function removed from ONU)

- Slightly improved boot time

- Reduced connection time for ONUs

- WebUI Improvements: UNMS icon, Reporting of lost link on uplink ports



UFiber OLT v1.1.0

SHA1: 3a620e85e89481091593d3e7780ded04cb639e69

OLT recovery

SHA1: 93978e056505a91437cdc0a83873cc6bf63d1bcb


See the blog for the latest OLT firmware 


UFiber Nano G v2.0.1

SHA1: 2d7758c4ab12e701403c2cc4c8895e0fe4b1f0b4