UFiber 3.1.0 Firmware is Released!

by Ubiquiti Employee 2 weeks ago


(SHA256: a62ec7845058471d44702613881e319f48f70c44bb241815f4e84deea0b35a13)




Note: Starting with this release, ONU firmware is now bundled with the OLT firmware. Upgrading the OLT firmware will also update all connected ONUs automatically.



UFiber OLT 3.1.0
- Added support for UF-WiFi ONU (beta product; bridge mode only, router mode in progress)
- Automatic ONU firmware management
- Extended SNMP with UBNT-EdgeMAX-MIB module providing EdgeMax and GPON specific data
- System LED behavior changed
- WebUI: added ONU support file download
- WebUI: added ONU WAN IP address in router mode
- WebUI: added ONU ethernet ports status
- WebUI: connected devices window doesn't display ONU's own mac address
- ONU: Multicast improvements (fixes VPLS, OSPF, ...).
- ONU: Factory reset of ONUs from OLT WebUI.
- Fixed: Inband management VLAN was not updated until next reboot
- Fixed: Upload throughput problems for large deployments
Note: All ONUs will be upgraded with the firmware built in this OLT during provisioning