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Configuring ONUs and profiles from a script

I'd like to be able to configure the ONUs and profiles from a script on another computer.


Are there commands I can run from SSH on the OLT to do that?


Or if I could do it with SNMP it would work too. I tried a snmpwalk but didn't find anything relevant, though I'm probably missing UBNT specific MIBs and whatever OIDs I need to start from.


Or I guess it would work if I could generate a new [ /config/onu_config.json ] file and SCP it to the OLT and then somehow "apply" the changes on a running system without disconnecting anyone? (other than those I disable of course)



I could do it all manually from the OLT's web page, but I expect I'll need to edit hundreds of ONUs and profiles at times, so a way to script all that would be great.

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Re: Configuring ONUs and profiles from a script

@yoofjjcho We are working on UX changes to help mass configure ONUs with unique profiles. There isn't an option to script this in the CLI in the current version.  One current option depending on your needs may be to use UNMS with the UNMS API