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Philippines - NanoG on PLDT fibre?


I currently have a PLDT Fibre connection with the PLDT provided GPON-ONU/Router. However, I am really not happy with the provided hardware as PLDT is locking their users out of the configuration pages on their routers. Therefore I would like to replace it with the combination of a UFiber NanoG and a EdgeRouter6P. Has anybody done, or attempted to do, that before ?



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Re: Philippines - NanoG on PLDT fibre?

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Your ISP PLDT would most likely instantly notice you changing the ONU and router and neither one would work without them or their systems approving it.  


Depending on what OLT they use, this might technically work.  But it also may not.   But on a system and security basis, without their approval, their ONU security keys and there system's approval the chances of it working are very slim.  

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