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AirGateway Installer + Android 5.1 = Constant disconnection

I've had this problem for a while now.  But now I've seen the solution.



When UMobile tells my phone to connect to the AGI, it connects just fine, but if the AGI is not connected to a radio that is in router mode with a functioning Internet connection, the phone drops the connection within a few seconds.  When using the Installer function of the UMobile app in any other case I get:

  1. Finding Installer
  2. Connecting to Installer
  3. Checking Configuration
  4. I might get a brief glimpse of the name of the connected radio and then...
  5. Connection Lost
  6. Finding Installer
  7. Connecting to Installer

Over and over again.


Today I tried using UMobile to connect to an AC Gen2 Rocket and noticed something different.  The Rocket has a private IP that can not reach the Internet.  When my phone connected, I saw the usual exclamation point on the WiFi symbol indicating no Internet connection, but it didn't drop because there was also a symbol indicating that my phone thinks I need to "Sign In" to access the Internet.


So, could the AirGateway Installer be made to check for the Internet and if not found, cause attempts to connect outside the subnets of the LAN and WAN to be redirected in a manner similar to the Gen2 radios?

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