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0.13.3 Dashboard feature request

While looking at the Dashboard, I noticed that the devices listed there keep changing their list order. Why is that? I can be scrolling down the list looking for a device, and the list will re-sort into a new order, not sure if there is a sort criteria or if it is just random order. Anyways in the next release, could you make it stop, or manually sortable?

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Re: 0.13.3 Dashboard feature request

I second that.  I normally leave the dashboard up on a monitor and that constant switching is annoying.  I wonder if it switched each time a device checks in?

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Re: 0.13.3 Dashboard feature request

Hello, would be great to be able to change the dashboard, add some things, change the positions, ...


many thands and best regards!


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Re: 0.13.3 Dashboard feature request

Can't find the thread right now, but this has been brought up before and the devs are aware of it.


@UBNT-Radek  may have some info on whether v0.14.0 includes relevant changes.

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Re: 0.13.3 Dashboard feature request

thank you!

best reagards

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Re: 0.13.3 Dashboard feature request

Hello @ernefittings. Right now UNMS dashboards are in their first iteration. We already have a specific plan for the second generation of dashboards with many improvements and we will start introducing those dashboards in the near future. The customization you want is possible but it will be no sooner than the third generation of desktops in a more distant future. 

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