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Can't add ER-X using 1.9.1-1-unms, 1.9.7-beta2 works fine

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I flashed my ER-X from to 1.9.1-1-unms (bundled with unms 0.8.0), tried to add it by pasting the key into the router GUI, but it never showed up as unauthorized on unms.  The router showed it was connected though, and when I logged in 15 minutes later it still showed it was connected and the time had advanced so it thought things were working okay.  Still didn't show up in unms.


Then I flashed 1.9.7-beta2 and it immediately showed up unauthorized in unms as soon as it booted after being flashed, I did not even have to log in to the router, I clicked authorize in unms and away I went.  Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, 1.9.7-beta2 seems really stable, and I am sure 1.9.7 final is not far off from being released anyway but I thought I would mention it.


edit : I have a bunch of ER-X-SFP that I am using as PoE switches.  I added them all successfully.  I flashed one directly to 1.9.7-beta2 and it added fine.  Then I flashed one to 1.9.1-1-unms to see if I could duplicate the issue, but it added fine as well.  So maybe it was just a glitch or coincidence.