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Device password management from UNMS?

Hello UNMS team,


Is there anything in the roadmap around using the centralized UNMS application to assist in changing/hardening the users network via secure passwords?


Ideally we would love to be able to push out bulk password changes and do a "health check" on our device security via the centralized console. 



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Re: Device password management from UNMS?

I've batted a few ideas around regarding this as well.  I know they are looking at it, but the specifics have yet to be revealed.

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Re: Device password management from UNMS?

@BosCloud  @MimCom  Hello Andrew, Kurt. I can confirm there will be a Secure credentials vault in 0.14.0. At first, we will use the vault to allow you to store devices' passwords but then we will gradually add more security management features. There will be bulk changes and other improvements, just note that it will take some time as we will need to polish the foundations first. 

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