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How to report an UNMS issue

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Hello, community.

UNMS is still in beta and inevitably this means there will be bugs. Here is a short generic guide what to do when you encounter a problem.

  1. Find more info - Maybe your situation had been already solved. You can try our Help site or our Wiki. There is a lot of great discussions on our community forums so try to search there.
  2. Examine the problem - There is a set of information we almost always need in order to help you. Here you can find how to get UNMS logs and Device support info. Do not forget that we need those logs from the time when the problem occurred. If you have full support info DO NOT link it in public. Either send a PM to us or write an email.
  3. Start a new thread here - It is usually best if you create a new thread. If we found out that your problem is the same as someone else's we can merge them. Make sure you give us as many details as possible and always include files from the step 2.

UNMS Support - If you want to report an issue please use this guide.

Check out our ever-evolving Help Center for answers to many common questions!