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Possible to install docker container without installation script?

The github wiki does have instructions for a manual installation, but I'm wondering if I could run my own docker containers for fluentd, redis, and postgres so they could be shared or used for other purposes besides unms?

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Re: Possible to install docker container without installation script?

That's theoretically possible, but there are many potential problems and we cannot recommend or support it. You would probably be able to setup a specific UNMS version with shared databases, but any future updates would probably either not work or break something that doesn't belong to UNMS. Some UNMS functions also depend on the data being saved to specific locations and with specific permissions.


Please stick to the recommended method of installation for now and create a feature request if you'd prefer something else. If there's enough interest in the alternative, we'll do our best to come up with something that we'll be able to support across multiple versions.


Also, the no-installation-script guide on the wiki is outdated at the moment. I have a pending task to update it.