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Reported Altitude from GPS AP's

I'm not sure this is the exact forum to report this since it seems to be a problem with the Access Points, but since the error was discovered in UNMS and it pertains to all AP's I decided to bring it up here.


Has anyone else checked the reported altitude of devices in UNMS? I have device where the site elevation is 909 feet. The Access Point is mounted 250 feet up on the tower, but the AP reports it's at 919 feet. It should be closer to 1,159 feet (353.2M) altitude.


At another site the ground elevation is 840 feet. Access Point is on top of a 90 foot tower, but GPS in the AP reports it is at 830 feet. It provides excellent performance considering it's reported altitude is 10 feet under ground. Smiley Happy


All reported altitudes are incorrect in AP's that have GPS. Ground elevations are confirmed via topographic maps, Google earth, and as documented elevation listed for the registered towers on the FCC web site.


The mappinig feature in UNMS is pretty nice, but would be better if accurate.



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Re: Reported Altitude from GPS AP's

This issue is not so much with UNMS as it is to do with the accuracy of the elevation or altitude figure that we can get from GPS. We are discussing the best way to solve this, but at the moment if you know the correct altitude of an airOS device with a GPS receiver, please add it manually to the device configuration. This should ensure your mapping in UNMS is accurate.