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SMTP Connection Failure

Good afternoon,


In all versions I've used (0.9.2, 0.9.3, 0.9.4) the SMTP fails to connect on the localhost.  Postfix is running on the Debian server where UNMS is installed and a telnet test from the console session connects and sends mail as designed.  The mail logs do not see any attempts to connect when pressing the "send" mail button in UNMS.  Is unauthenticated SMTP supported?  Postfix only listens on the loopback adapter and I've tried both "" and "localhost" for the SMTP server name.



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Re: SMTP Connection Failure

I know this is old, but I did figure it out.


UNMS uses a ton of addresses internally.  "localhost" is not really localhost.  what you need to do is to get postfix to listen to the internal addresses (specifically for me, then allow rules between them (I had to allow packets via UFW), and then point the SMTP server in UNMS to


Ubiquiti really needs to make this a LOT easier, especially since the gmail one doesn't work for most people and for peole that do their own (or even maybe the cloudkey?) having it send emails is really valuable.  A "localhost" option or some sort of guide would be good.