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UNMS 0.13.1 - Adding devices, 3 worked, 10 did not?

Hey Guys! 
I setup a UNMS server on my Unifi server, so far no issues. Man Happy 

However, only three of the devices that I added showed up, and the rest show no connection to server, but I can see them, and they can ping the server? 
Any suggestions for how to get them to connect? 
I have verified all the Firmwares on them.

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Re: UNMS 0.13.1 - Adding devices, 3 worked, 10 did not?

@engbrc  Hello Craig. We need more info to be able to help. Specifically, we need your complete support file from both UNMS and one of the devices. Please, send those files to the email radek.skrivan(at), and include your forum name and URL of this thread in the message.

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