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UNMS Sites Map Icons

Is there a feature in the Maps section of UNMS to make the status icons for locations smaller so that they don't group up so much? I would be fine with small green/red dots that more accurately represent a location than seeing an entire group turn red and having to zoom in to see which device is down. Having a large tag on a map with 14 or a LAN symbol on it doesn't really help me. I know how many locations I have and where they're at, I really need to show which ones exactly are active or not. 

For example, if I have a location that is currently down for remodel, they are more than likely going to show offline on the map for a few months. However, if another site near its location goes down, I may not be privy to that information based off of the map because it's grouped in with a known down site and I'm used to seeing it red.

I love the map functionality in UNMS and it looks great as an 'At a Glance' monitor showing the current network status of all of our locations. Especially when the higher ups walk by and see that everything is good. It's just problematic having to reassure them that "No, there are not 3 whole sites down right now. Just the backup router at one is being replaced at the moment."

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Re: UNMS Sites Map Icons

@jprillhart  Hello James. We understand your concerns fully and we are already working on some changes. First of all, AirLink will be integrated with UNMS, which will bring some more tools to you. Also, a new generation of maps is being developed which will allow smaller icons without grouping. 

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