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UNMS and UniFi Controller on Azure costs

I am an IT integrator that has been very happy with the Ubiquiti line of Routers/Switches/AP's and have deployed about 25-30 devices at various sites. To help bring some oversight on their control and be able to give our clients more value-add for our services I would like to start using UNMS and UniFi controllers.


My partner believes that an Azure instance will be too expensive but I feel that we should be able to adequately handle the server load fro both controllers if setup on different ports. 


For those who have an Azure cloud instance how much do your monthly bills run for the controller?

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Re: UNMS and UniFi Controller on Azure costs

I have done this with the Unifi Controller - no cost for Azure if you create instances provided with Microsoft Action Pack (around NZ$400 p.a.), and you get all the other Microsoft software and Office 365 benefits a s well.

I used the scripts found on the net to get it set up in around 30 minutes..

Good luck.
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Re: UNMS and UniFi Controller on Azure costs

@jconthespot  Hello JC. Please be aware that with as low as 30 devices that you have, the server for UNMS doesn't have to be that powerful. It is more a question of prices for data traffic. There are many providers with a wide variety of offers so pick carefully.

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Re: UNMS and UniFi Controller on Azure costs

I host most of my own servers, but for my UNMS and UCRM servers I really wanted them at a real data center. I have been very happy with hostifi. I have a UniFi instance with them as well (But still mainly use UniFi servers on my local camera servers). But for UNMS and UCRM I don't use any local instances. I am in no way affiliated with, just a happy customer.

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Re: UNMS and UniFi Controller on Azure costs

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I run my UNMS on the google cloud. I have 3 sites with a combined total of 43 devices. I use the smallest instance (1 core. 0.6GB RAM), which is their "free" tier. After almost a year of running it there I have a $0.43 credit. I'm not sure how that's possible, but whatever.