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UNMS automatic firmware download when web access is via proxy

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We have an issue whereby our UNMS server cannot access the internet due to it being in a network with no 'direct' internet access. 

All web traffic goes through a proxy which is fine for our basic Linux connectivity (apt-get / curl / docker) but it doesn't work for UNMS when trying to get firmware for our switches from the internet. 

I have manually downloaded and uploaded one we need but I wondered if there is anything in the configuration that can make the download go via a proxy server/port?


Linux server is running Ubuntu Server 18.04.01 LTS


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Re: UNMS automatic firmware download when web access is via proxy

Hello, @EKNNetworks.

You need to have valid HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY settings in the UNMS container. 

Please run this command :

grep -i "proxy" /home/unms/app/docker-compose.yml

and you will get values for variables in UNMS container. 

After that run this command:

env | grep -i proxy

which will output the values of those variables in the system. Those values should be the same. If they are not then you need to correct them within  '/home/unms/app/docker-compose.yml'.

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