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UNMS version 0.13.1 has been released!

UNMS version 0.13.1 has been released, see the changelog below. For detailed installation and update, instructions view our guide: Installation & Update. Please, continue to share your thoughts and requests.  


0.13.1 (2018-11-19)



  • Added possibility to configure custom device IP which is showed in UNMS UI.
  • Added basic support for airFiber devices (AF24, AF5, AF11FX, AF2X, AF3X, AF4X, AF5X) with AirFiber FW v4.1.0-beta6.
  • Added icons for 3rd party devices. It’s possible to change the device model and network role.
  • Added support for quick switching sites to clients and vice versa.


  • There is a new algorithm for computing network health. Data-links between devices influence devices importance.
  • Any Site is considered to be offline if all devices on site are offline.
  • Increase default session timeout to 24h.
  • UNMS help is redirected to online
  • Improve SMTP error handling.
  • Remove country from address autocomplete on sites form.
  • Block sites/clients delete button if it’s not possible to delete them.
  • Data link editor should show only available ports which are not used.
  • Change two-factor verification code text input style from password to plain text.
  • Hide connected flag for 3rd party devices in discovery result because UNMS can’t be sure if they are really online.
  • The number of stations on the airMAX/airCube dashboard is a link to stations page.
  • Assign modal is submitted by pressing the enter key after selecting a site.
  • Improve 2-factor authentication process. Reset password via UNMS UI resets only the password and 2-factor authentications tokens are preserved. It’s possible to reset 2-factor only via CLI.
  • Improve detection of free ports during the installation process.


  • Fixed several problems in data migration from 0.12.x and 0.13.x.
  • Fixed sites CSV imports (reconnecting all devices to one client, etc.).
  • Fixed outages reporting for short disconnections and email alerts.
  • Fixed multiple issues in airCube wireless configuration form.
  • Fixed parsing airMAX stations data (distance, speed).
  • Fixed creation of log-lines for third-party devices.
  • Fixed airMAX backup parsing and UNMS key injection.
  • Fixed parsing airCube DHCP leases.
  • Fixed stations Rx/Tx values.
  • Fixed loading airFiber LTU interfaces.
  • Fixed upgrading master airFiber LTU device.
  • Fixed airFiber LTU dashboard (FDX).
  • Fixed airMAX M stations downlink and uplink capacities.
  • Fixed reporting of unsupported ONU.
  • Fixed ONU block/unblock/restart actions.
  • Fixed ONU auto authorization.
  • Fixed ONU FW upgrade for OLT with FW 3.1+.
  • Fixed ONU with FW 1.0.1 compatibility issues.
  • Fixed ONU list on OLT (missing ONU).
  • Fixed OLT PON port statistics.
  • Fixed EdgeSwitch FW upgrade.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter 12 minimal FW.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter VLAN panel.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter PPPoE interfaces parsing and issues with rendering EdgeRouter ports in UI.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter block button for switched ports.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter interfaces IP reload.
  • Fixed performance of unknown devices list.
  • Fixed topology map zooming.
  • Fixed client dashboard header (show client delete button).
  • Fixed resizing topology map on client dashboard.
  • Fixed scrolling on client dashboard.
  • Fixed bugs and memory leaks in ping component (third-party devices ping checker, ping in discovery, etc.)
  • Fixed error reporting for disconnecting devices. It will help us identify more issues with device disconnection problem.
  • Fixed UI performance for instances with thousands of sites/data-links.
  • Fixed UNMS discovery via CSV import.
  • Fixed parsing SNMP data in UNMS discovery.
  • Fixed progress bar for CSV discovery import.
  • Fixed rendering of third-party devices in topology map (it reflects third-party devices type)
  • Fixed SMTP settings on installation wizard and UNMS settings.
  • Fixed FW upgrade process for directly connected devices.
  • Fixed logs and outages popups pagination.
  • Fixed Network health for sites without devices.
  • Fixed several reasons for flapping disconnections (connection tasks synchronization, downloading devices backups, etc.).
  • Fixed last seen for 3rd party devices.
  • Fixed several issues on 3rd party devices form.
  • Fixed multiple issues on sites/clients form.
  • Fixed issues with the login screen in Firefox.
  • Fixed sending alerts after adding a new user to UNMS.
  • Fixed several issues with discovery. Especially the first part of the process which uses parallel ping.
  • Fixed reloading data on the main UNMS dashboard.
  • Fixed notification badge for new FW.
  • Fixed sorting devices on devices table.
  • Fixed a few issues with auto-backups (backup checker which identifies if there is something new in device configuration).
  • Fixed data-links for two connected clients.
  • Fixed data-links tooltips.
  • Fixed data-links orientation when there isn’t any direct route to internet.
  • Fixed maps zoom and reload.
  • Fixed several issues with sorting in UI tables (devices, interfaces...).
  • Fixed outages reporting for rare scenarios.
  • Fixed signal colours.
  • Fixed site editor when changing site to client.
  • Fixed notification for devices which can’t be upgraded directly via UNMS (They have too old FW or upgrade is available only via parent device - OLT, master airFiber LTU).
  • Fixed parsing NetFlow data for protocol version 9.
  • Fixed NetFlow error handling.