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UNMS version 0.13.2 has been released!

[ Edited ]

UNMS version 0.13.2 has been released, see the changelog below. For detailed installation and update, instructions view our guide: Installation & Update. Please, continue to share your thoughts and requests.  


0.13.2 (2019-01-21)


Known issues:

  • UNMS is not fully compatible with OLT FW 3.1.0. It’s probable that after upgrading to OLT FW 3.1.0 or after upgrading any ONU to version 3.1.0, UNMS stops upgrading data from OLT. UNMS server restart should fix this issue until next upgrade. It will be fixed in UNMS 0.13.3 which will be released soon.


  • Added support for EdgeRouter ER-12P.
  • Added support for connecting devices via HTTP for devices with private IP. It's not allowed by default and it's necessary to turn it on in UNMS settings.


  • Fixed discovery for UNMS with public IP and devices with private IPs.
  • Fixed datalink statistics and signal.
  • Fixed generating datalinks from blackbox stations.
  • Fixed datalinks sorting (Tx rate, Rx rate, and SSID).
  • Fixed generating datalinks and their orientation.
  • Fixed connection third party devices via UNMS discovery (MAC related issues).
  • Fixed download of big UNMS backups.
  • Fixed DB limits for the allowed amount of outages and logs.
  • Fixed several topology map issues with rendering and resizing.
  • Fixed UNMS dashboard third party icons.
  • Fixed UNMS documentation. Compatibility with Apimatic.
  • Fixed UNMS email subject date format.
  • Fixed UNMS installation wizard UI issues.
  • Fixed UNMS settings validation for UNMS hostname.
  • Fixed UNMS restart CLI.
  • Fixed Postgres DB configuration under heavy load.
  • Fixed user configuration form.
  • Fixed mapping of discovered devices via UNMS discovery to connected devices.
  • Fixed charts reload for high profile.
  • Fixed several issues with images upload.
  • Fixed HD/panorama images upload to the gallery.
  • Fixed speed of third party devices save/update.
  • Fixed NetFlow hostname resolution and initialization.
  • Fixed NetFlow data parsing.
  • Fixed NetFlow for unauthorized devices.
  • Fixed NetFlow for overlapping intervals.
  • Fixed NetFlow custom port configuration.
  • Fixed devices statistics and data update.
  • Fixed devices backup-apply action.
  • Fixed devices restart.
  • Fixed client refresh usage chart data.
  • Fixed client dashboard UI issues.
  • Fixed clients NetFlow status reload and visualization.
  • Fixed clients usage charts colors.
  • Fixed clients gallery UI bugs.
  • Fixed loading site with a lot of clients.
  • Fixed multiple rare issues with devices backups.
  • Fixed EdgeSwitch (ES-XP) restart after backup apply.
  • Fixed EdgeSwitch upgrade via UNMS discovery.
  • Fixed EdgeSwitch connection via discovery for devices with old FW 1.0.x.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter ER-12 icon.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter parsing of interfaces data.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter VLAN and DHCP configuration issues.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter reset statistics.
  • Fixed EdgeRouter connection issues with FW 1.9.7-hotfix.4.
  • Fixed ONU IP on devices list.
  • Fixed ONU forward ports configuration.
  • Fixed OLT/ONU data update.
  • Fixed OLT VLAN range parsing and rendering.
  • Fixed airMAX data parsing.
  • Fixed airMAX preshared key configuration.
  • Fixed airMAX band configuration.
  • Fixed airMAX noise graph rendering.
  • Fixed airMAX data reload frequency.
  • Fixed airMAX statistics with a missing signal.
  • Fixed airCube gateway validation.
  • Fixed airCube configuration (static route, port forward, DHCP).
  • Fixed airFiber airview data load frequency.
  • Fixed airFiber PtP configuration parsing.
  • Fixed airFiber stations and datalinks sorting.
  • Fixed airFiber LTU connection and interface parsing.
  • Fixed airFiber LTU discovery issues.
  • Fixed airFiber LTU spectrum graph.
  • Fixed airFiber LTU distance on the dashboard.