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UNMS version 0.9.0 has been released!

UNMS version 0.9.0 has been released, see the changelog below. Please use manual update if you have any dev or rc version of 0.9.0 (0.9.0-dev, 0.9.0-rc3 etc.). There was a bug in in-app upgrade which is fixed in 0.9.0. For detailed installation and update instructions view our guide: Installation & Update. Please, continue to share your thoughts and requests. 


0.9.0 (2017-07-27)



  • Add UNMS API documentation which is accessible via link https://YOUR-UNMS_HOSTNAME/api-docs.
  • Add IP addresses in device list (EdgeRouters and OLT, airMAX devices will have IP address in 0.10.0).
  • Add support for gathering stats for all airMAX interfaces.
  • Add alert and log line when device can’t connect due to bad AES key.
  • Add domain and UniFi controller to DHCP editor.
  • Add ONU name validation.
  • Add GPS inputs to site edit panels.
  • Add height and elevation for site and endpoint.
  • Add Inactive value to sites/endpoint status filter.
  • Add hostname input to UNMS wizard.
  • Add support for UNMS containers custom subnet.
  • Add support for OLT/ONU profiles.
  • Add support for OLT/ONU policies.
  • Add RabbitMQ container. UNMS will utilise it more in upcoming releases.


  • Upgrade UNMS statistics with highcharts components.
  • Installation script checks that all required tools are installed before installing UNMS.
  • Automatically create UNMS backup before installation of new UNMS version. Backup is available in file: /home/unms/data/unms-backups/update-backup.tar.gz.
  • Optimise loading UNMS state (unread logs, unread outages and unregistered devices counts).
  • Improve add device popup.
  • Improve ONU configuration error handlers.
  • Allow search for compact semver e.g. 1.2.3alpha3.
  • Optimize handling of device outages.
  • Don’t request a new certificate on every boot.
  • Add UTC timezone to EdgeRouters timezones.
  • Update community link to Beta.
  • Don’t allow localhost as UNMS hostname.
  • Remove checkbox for advanced settings. It will be always visible.
  • Bundle EdgeRouter FW 1.9.7.
  • Remove docker containers memory limits.


  • Fix signal sorting.
  • Fix device reconnection to UNMS.
  • Fix IP address sorting.
  • Fix IP address editation in EdgeRouter DHCP section.
  • Fix error propagation from EdgeRouters.
  • Fix DHCP leases sorting.
  • Fix DHCP leases rendering.
  • Fix recognition of minimal airMAX FW.
  • Fix airMAX M connect when UI is not in English.
  • Fix airMAX FW comparison in FW upgrade popup.
  • Fix Discovery warning when IP range warning is shown incorrectly.
  • Fix discovery FW upgrade for airMAX CS firmware.
  • Fix UNMS link in emails.
  • Fix FW selecting and sorting in FW manager.
  • Fix FW upgrade with custom inform port.
  • Fix FW download during UNMS install.
  • Fix images border in gallery.
  • Fix device gateway update.
  • Fix installation process, don’t display an error when there are no docker images to delete.
  • Fix connection string when default ports are occupied.
  • Fix devices links in outages and logs popups.
  • Fix user re-invite process.
  • Fix unnecessary API calls for OSPF.
  • Fix OSPF configuration validations.
  • Fix stopping outage on device delete.
  • Fix restoring from UNS backup.
  • Fix ssl-domain setup when SSL certificate changes.
  • Fix site status sync with devices status.
  • Fix user unique email validation.
  • Fix Discovery IP ranges validation.
  • Fix interfaces log lines.
  • Fix connecting EdgeRouters with bridge.