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Using the UNMS Mobile app for new device configuration in the field (UMobile)

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We're taking some time on a rainy day to revisit UNMS on an Android phone.  This is a bit long, but hopefully describes our current work flow and some of our history of trying to make the work flow work with Ubiquiti equipment. 


In the past we just modified an Ubiquiti airMax POE injector by removing the 110 volt electronics and soldering in a couple of leads to a switch and a 12 volt rechargeable emergency light battery.


We'd attach an airGateway configured as a bridge and connect that way.  If we were installing a radio already configured as a CPE we'd have no problem connecting with a smartphone and associating the CPE with an AP, setting the rate limiting, and Device Name and we'd be done.


If we hadn't preconfigured the device as a CPE it would have no DHCP so we'd have to connect with a laptop and put it in the 192.168.X.X subnet and open the GUI and update firmware and install the configuration file.


Then along came airGateway installer and a large USB battery.  That took care of the lack of DHCP by automatically going into some kind of semi-router mode if the device it was connected to wasn't supplying DHCP - very nice.  But it's DC - DC converter coudn't supply enough power to do an upload speed test - this is important to us before we do an installation.


But the big thing is that if we manually put a configuration file on the smartphone and loaded it into the radio to make it a CPE we could no longer log into the radio - it would say that we were using the wrong password.  So we still had to use a laptop.


Then along comes U-Installer.  This is nice and self contained and does the same semi-router trick with DHCP.  But we don't seem to be able to change the 2.4 frequency which can be a problem if it chooses a frequency that walks on your AP when you're trying to set up a 2.4 Ghz CPE. 


And I'm just testing the U-Installer with a new NanoBeam 2AC radio.  I thought that maybe its internal management radio was going to be a problem, but Ubiquiti clevery put the management radio in the 5 Ghz band.  Man Happy


So then we're trying UMobile - now it's the UNMS mobile app.   All we really want is a way to use a mobile Android device to put a configuration on a radio.


In testing right now it looks as if UNMS Mobile on Android can now load a configuration into a radio.  But how do we get the configuration into the mobile device?  How do we automatically update the configurations in the mobile device?  And we don't want installers running around with out of date configurations.


What we're really after is to have a central repository of current base configurations that stays up to date across our laptops and mobile devices.  Currently we use Google Docs for this, but we can't load a config into a radio with a mobile device with its GUI because it will  complain that the password is not correct.


We just started our beta UNMS server this morning so maybe this is addressed somewhere, but we haven't found it or a preliminnary manual yet.


We aren't really needing 2.4 AC yet, especially since we can't use them as APs for non-Ubiquiti devices.  But what we really need is a portable 2.4 Ghz spectrum analyzer to find 2.4 interference in a customer location with a smartphone.   

So we thought that we'd use airView on a 2.4 AC radio because this is difficult or maybe impossible with an M radio.  Part of the problem is that U-Installer uses 2.4 Ghz so would be cluttering up our readings.


We were pleasantly suprised to find that the switch on the U-Installer would just turn off WiFi but would still power the 2AC radio.  Then we could connect a smartphone to the 5 Ghz management radio, open the GUI, then run airView.


This doesn't seem to work - it appears that airView won't work while the management radio is on.  A bit disappointing.  Again I wish that we could change frequencies on the U-Installer.  And I wish that it was dual band so that it could get out of the way while doing 2.4 Ghz stuff.


I'll cross post this last part in an airMax forum, I just wanted to air some of this workflow in the UNMS forum.


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