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aircube + UNMS



I am facing an issue where UNSM managed cubes reset password on their own with firmware upgrade. Once UNMS upgrades the firmware (or fails, as happens with some) my manually defined user is lost. Hence I have lost access to all aircubes (they are in customer apartments) and I have no option to go check all default passwords one by one (150+ aircubes). Recently on once site DHCP server and router changed so aircubes got new IP-s and most of them show disconnected. I can see that they all have new IP-s and I can access login page, but no access via UNMS nor can I log in because it wont accept my username and password anymore.


Any way to get this solved?

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Re: aircube + UNMS

@koiv  Hello Jaanus. I am sorry to hear you are facing those issues. I will try my best to help with them. First of all, I will need some more information, specifically the support info from your UNMS and MAC/IP addresses of some affected airCubes. Please, send the files to my email radek.skrivan(at)ubnt.com and include your forum nickname and URL of this thread in the message.

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Re: aircube + UNMS

Can you see in UNMS (by backup dates) when the changes to the passwords happened? You can also download the backups and look at the password hash to see if that is what changed in the backup.