IPv4 management and Public IP management

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This is a screenshot from splynx. It has your subnets with available ip (internal vlans, available public ip).

This is good to know what ip you have available and what ip you can give to a new customer on an installation.


on ‎09-13-2017 04:24 PM

The demo is free to access:




username: admin

password: admin


I 100% agree.  Being able to pre-define your subnets, and then uCRM can scan the IP subnet, like the UNMS already does to fill in the ubiquiti gear, and then find stuff that pings and fills it in with "unknown" allowing the user / admin / staff to edit the fields to define that's assigned to that IP.  I do this very thing by spreadsheet currently to find out what IP's in a given subnet I have available.

on ‎09-14-2017 03:12 AM

This seems like a feature better fit for UNMS. However having a IPAM solution from UBNT would be great. We currently use phpIPAM but the same Ideas apply. Heres a live demo for it as well:




User: Admin

Pass: ipamadmin