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Mapping all devices and photos per device

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So far I am liking UNMS but would like a couple features.


- In the air2control you could see mapped all the devices in a certain area. In UNMS you can see the sites, but not each individuial device. Would be nice to click on the site and expand to showing all the devices/clients in that site. Also read the location from the device itself if defined in the device settings.


- I would like to add photos to each individual device. Now you can add photos to the client and the site as a whole. 





by Ubiquiti Employee
4 weeks ago

@gcxogcts  Hello Gabe. It may be a good idea to limit one feature request per post in order to keep the discussion clear. That being said I have some info for each point you made:
- Right now we are not planning to add pictures for individual devices. You may consider creating a feature request just for this to gather support for it.
- Reading of GPS coordinates directly from devices is already worked on and should be improved in 0.14.0.

- Showing topology map over the geographical one will be done when airLink is integrated into UNMS. We are expecting this to happen for 0.15.0.

4 weeks ago



The photo request would be a nice touch, but I know there are more important features/fixes to improve UNMS.


Excellent news on the GPS and Topology features in the upcoming versions. Looking forward to them.