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OUTAGE Message to Client

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We would like to request to change the section under the client to add the ability to send an sms or email to the client when a site goes down.


We always have to deal with hundreds of calls when a site goes down and have to use a bulksms program to manually send sms to the related clients.


Would be nice if UNMS can notify the client automatically then we do not have to configure so many clients on different systems. Don't believe this would be too much of a hassle.




by Ubiquiti Employee
4 weeks ago

@jpmarais  Hello Jean-Pierre. We are preparing the integration of UNMS with UCRM. In the integrated product, UNMS will monitor devices and recognize outages and CRM will take care of the alert communication with customers. I would like to encourage you to wait for the integration, try it out and then focus on specific ways how we can improve the alert system.