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It will be really useful to have radius support within UNMS.

Few examples :
- speed / bandwidth management
- max device per account
- accounting can store ; ip, vlan, bandwidth, phy mode, channel, ap, dBm.

That will be really helpful for management and troubleshoot at the sametime.
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Woudn't it be better to have RADIUS support in UCRM, then use the integration between UCRM and UNMS to get telemetry?



Maybe the other way around? RADIUS support in UNMS, then allow UCRM to get telemetry and such. Hmm...

on ‎11-08-2017 10:18 PM

I ask for it in UNMS, since I don't use any airMax device so UCRM isn't relevant for me.

My entire network rely on Radius so I am a bit disapointed to not be able to use as much ubnt stuff as I would


I think that UNMS is really awesome for edgeswitch and edgerouter so this is why I really think that would make sense to add radius in it, instead of only in a billing software.

Radius is a great tool for billing (accounting) but it's a more powerfull tool for SMB or community that need to monitor and manage their user.


That would be a lot easier if the implementation is in UNMS since the accounting need information taht URCM doesn't have. On top of that, the speed throttling over radius is my biggest dream in ubnt software.

on ‎03-09-2018 05:47 AM

I think RADIUS on the UNMS server makes more sense as the server is already in pretty constant communication with network devices. It falls in line with the idea of authorizing devices to sites, etc. There's  a very fine line between UCRM and UNMS. I'm sure in the future there will be a pairing of sorts between the two. 

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+1 I would also add to option to have RADIUS authentication for both UNMS/UCRM and devices itself, so each admin/technician would have separate login. Then we would know who logged where and when, maybe even what they did. Also it would simplify revoking login for technician/admin when he/she leaves our company.


EDIT: I described it a bit better here: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UNMS-Beta/Changing-password-of-All-UNMS-devices-at-once/m-p/2398220/hi...