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Hi, I'm using UMobile 1.3.1. I'm connecting to my UNMS (I'm connected to UNMS You are signed in to UNMS), but I do not see my registered scores.

If I go through the browser, I'll see my registered scores. There is no UMOBILE application.

I'm using a custom port


In the router, redirection from the outside works through the browser through the application, I do not see my registered points

It would be nice to see in a line without a line a line pointing to a non-standard port. Thank you.

I'm asking for help. 
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Hi Роман, you can use UMobile 1.3.1 only for connecting your devices which you find via discovery to UNMS. You can't see UNMS devices, endpoints etc. in UMobile. But we are working on it. Full UNMS support will be available in the future versions.