FCC Adopts Ubiquiti’s Proposal on OOBE

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎03-03-2016 11:40 AM

Yesterday’s announcement by the FCC of new rules based on Ubiquiti’s out-of-band emissions (OOBE) proposal was an important victory for the wireless industry. These new rules provided relief for devices that operate in the 5725 – 5850 MHz band under the U-NII-3 rules released in 2013.   The FCC stated that these updated rules “allow point-to-point systems to operate while avoiding harmful out of band interference, without excessive difficulty or cost.”


The FCC said it chose Ubiquiti’s approach because it applied “a single, consistent OOBE requirement for all equipment … because it is simpler to administer and enforce at the certification level.“


The FCC contrasted Ubiquiti’s straightforward proposal with the competing “Consensus Certification Proposal” submitted by WISPA, Cambium, Mimosa and others, which proposed “different OOBE requirements based on a variety of situations, including the location of each installation relative to TDWRs.” The FCC indicated that it preferred Ubiquiti’s approach because it would “avoid the need for onerous oversight by the Commission and we expect that it will, ultimately, better protect TDWRs against harmful interference.”


Ubiquiti submitted its own proposal last year after it was unable to reach agreement with members of the WISPA-led “Consensus” group, despite months of discussions. Ubiquiti received criticism from some circles for breaking with the “Consensus” group in March, 2015. However, as industry discussions continued with the FCC into the fall of 2015, it became clear that the Ubiquiti proposal was gaining favor and the WISPA-led “Consensus” group eventually joined others in backing the Ubiquiti proposal.


At a meeting the FCC called with industry representatives on October 25, 2015, Alcatel/Lucent suggested that the Ubiquiti Proposal be revised to include additional relief for the 5 MHz closest to the band edge. The proposal was modified and incorporated into what the FCC called the “Joint Emissions Proposal” which it ultimately approved.


The FCC’s decision to modify the OOBE rules and to extend the deadlines for authorizing and marketing products designed to meet the older rules demonstrated flexibility and a genuine desire to work with WISP industry. See the full FCC announcement at https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-16-24A1.pdf

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Awesome! Keep pushing!
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Great job UBNT Team!

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Ubnt Banana

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Can blog subscriptions be set to *NOT* notify us of every reply but only the UBNT posted announcements?


 I miss the functionality of the announcements@vendor.com type lists where you got less than 10 messages per month and only the actual announcements, not every Tom, Richard (because the short form is apparently considered a "bad word"), and Harry replying to the announcements.


I am unsubscribing from the blogs today. There is too much trivial non-news traffic. I want to hear from UBNT via my e-mail. I don't want to hear from everyone else patting UBNT on the back via my e-mail Inbox. I don't mind seeing the "pat on the back" posts when I come to the forum to read the blog post.


Maybe I'm just blind to some magic subscription option.

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Wow buz kill. ^^^


Good job UBNT.

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Congrautlation Ubiquiti.  Kudo's where they belong.  Respect.  Just out of curiousity, how long before the firmware gets updated to reflect these changes?


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@rconaway We'll be posting a FAQ related to this in the next day or so.
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Very good

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What does this mean for output levels?  Where is the FAQ?

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When will we see a new firmware supporting the new limits?

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎03-16-2016 08:36 AM

The FCC has not yet clarified the process for updating the certifications for products that received U-NII-3 grants under the 2014 OOBE rules.  While UBNT has posed the question, the response time from the government on matters such as this isn't always as fast as we'd like.

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How come Mimosa has updated firmware?