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Hi all,

We've created a new section to discuss the Ubiquiti World Network. If you have any question, suggestions, or feedback, please let us know!

Also, here's a message from JT, the brains behind the UWN:

Hi, my name is JT and I've been asked to write about the announcement of the Ubiquiti World Network.

Before I get into the details, I want to talk about our competition. As you know, the Wireless ISP industry goes up against the phone and cable companies everyday. It might seem daunting because they are so established but I see tremendous opportunity. DSL is pretty much unusable for today’s internet needs. Modern websites are very visual, online gaming is at an all time high, and families stream YouTube or Netflix to multiple devices in the home. The cable companies have the lowest customer satisfaction of any industry in the United States; It’s below 30%! It’s unbelievable, and they get away with it because they know our customers don’t have any other choice.

You and I know better. The WISPs have been a solid option for quite some time now. This is not an issue of quality.I’d argue that our service is just as good or better. This is an awareness issue. When people move into new homes and offices, they don’t know that they have another option for Internet. When businesses put together their internet plans, the WISPs are not at the table. We are the last resort after the phone and cable companies fail. More often than not, we get the job done.

Today, we begin our journey to make ourselves heard. Today, we launch the BETA for the Ubiquiti World Network; an alliance of individual WISPs working towards a single vision that leverage an unified technology platform, sales and marketing assets, advertising, and political clout.

We’ve been testing the ideas behind this project for the last year. We’ve ran a series of pilot tests examining enterprise, urban, and rural markets. The results were very exciting. With no targeting, no optimization , no advertising air cover. We were able to increase leads dramatically.

In one test for Wisper Wireless Internet, we were able to see a 760% increase in leads compared to when they did no advertising and a 330% increase in leads compared to when they did. These are dramatic numbers

With the launch of the Ubiquiti World Network, we plan to expand upon that test by offering WISPs across the country a suite of assets and tools for to grow their businesses. The program includes:

A marketing library where we will hold the collective knowledge of the union. Pull case studies, spec sheets, and other sales collateral to help you get into and close deals that were previously out of your reach.
A lobbying initiative leveraging our legal resources to address the concerns of today so that we can secure the future of the wireless ISP industry.
An advertising program that we’re investing millions to make the nation aware of our existence and our excellence. We launch the campaign in early January 2014.
And a website to house these new initiatives and to provide a sales engine for our future customers. Customers would simply go to the website, type in their address and get matched with a WISP or WISPs serving that area.
You remember Wisper's numbers right? Now imagine those numbers with the full vision of the Ubiquiti World Network behind it.

All of these tools and assets are available to our WISP partners at no cost. There are no commitments and you invest to build your name–Our goal is to grow the Wireless ISP industry. As it grows, we hope to as well.

We are announcing the BETA for the Ubiquiti World Network today to give everyone time to prepare for the January, 2014 national launch. WISPs who enroll will have three months to think about how to expand their network, their staff, and where and how much they want to advertise.

Simply sign up at www.goubiquiti.com/signup



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@UBNT-JT  Hey man is there anyway to allow more the one mananging user? For a account? 

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I would recommend localized currency options for the available plans of the WISP's.I mean a select where currency could be selected and the amount could be set.

If anyone would like it too, give a kudo :-p

Waiting for good news!

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Quisiera saber cual es el propósito, si podremos competir con lo que es tv que seria fantastico,



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Signed Up and Cant wait for the program to be fully live in Europe.

Brilliant Products, Fantastic Concepts, Revolutionary Vision = Ubiquiti

Need to Test the new AirFibre5 - Looks Great


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Estimados amigos, podemos hacer la impresion de la publicidad para Ecuador, ya que contamos con

imprenta y publicidad, y somos proveedores de internet, con equipos 100% UBIQUITI



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When do you guys anticipate giving access to marketing assets?  Logos, etc. that we can start using to design our wraps for our trucks, flyers, brochures, the whole nine yards.

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Is this on;y for the US?

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It's good for WISPs to get together, but I must say that joining a group that involves only one vendor (and is even named after that vendor, which will discourage any other from supporting it) would trouble me. As a conservative businessman and engineer, I build my networks out of interoperable equipment, inasmuch as possible, specifically so that I will not be beholden to any one manufacturer that might fail, raise prices, drop a product I needed, run into certification issues, or have manufacturing problems. I do use some Ubiquiti products, but only ones that are interoperable. I also use other products from other companies whose input and support of WISPs would be valuable. And I, in turn, want to support all of my vendors, not just one of them. I do not want to see or promote a monoculture. And I'm sure that other WISPs feel the same way.

I'd join a "WISP World Network" in a minute. But a "Ubiquiti World Network?" I'm afraid that this gives me pause. Any thoughts about changing the name to something more inclusive and less vendor-specific while the project is "still in beta?"

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Probably not.  This is as much about Ubiquiti's success as it is about yours.

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A rising tide raises all boats. If WISPs in general are successful, all of their suppliers will benefit, including Ubiquiti. But asking WISPs to promote one vendor -- and one alone -- is asking them to act against their own best interests. This would make them much less enthusiastic about this effort.

Ubiquiti is likely to benefit as much, if not more -- and certainly get a lot more support for this effort from both WISPs and its fellow equipment vendors -- if it does not attempt to make it exclusive and proprietary. WISPs are unlikely to change their choice of equipment simply because of this, so Ubiquiti would likely get at least the same share of a much larger pie.

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We have a shorter version of our company name we would like to use at: on our Ubiquiti World Networks page at: https://goubiquiti.com/wisps/company-name. I sent two emails requesting this to uwn@ubnt.com. Before I order promo materials I need the change.
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Curious as to how WISPs are going to create coverage maps and to get addresses of potential customers. We're in the mountains and looking at doing a viewshed analysis with mapping software which will tell you what locations can see your radios and what can't. For instance, telling it that you have a 120 degree sector pointing north on a 100 foot tower at a certain location. The software can tell you what can see that sector. The trickier part is getting the addresses of just those areas for the mailing. Maybe there's a better way. Let me know if you have one. I wouldn't want to waste money mailing people that can't see the equipment.
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Contact Brian Webster of Wireless Mapping. He's a WISPA member that does a lot of WISPA's GIS work. He'd be able to lend a hand with this.


You'll need to procure a mailing list, then he can filter out what addresses are within your coverage.

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Is this project still active?

a month ago

Is the Ubiquiti World Network dead?