Fake Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool discovered on the Chrome Web Store

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Please see inside for the details of our announcement.


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UCRM Now Available in 10 Languages

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We are happy to announce that UCRM is now available in 10 languages including: Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Dutch, Latvian, Swedish, Turkish and Catalan.




UniFi — The Beginning of The Higher Market Disruption

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How An Outdoor Wireless Company Entered the Enterprise WiFi Market


From Integrated Product to Challenging Goliath

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How airMAX AC Generation 2 Technology Completes our Industry Vision



A long time ago (at least in technology years and even before iTunes or iPhone), I started my career at Apple Computer as part of the wireless hardware team where my initial project would become the industry’s first 802.11g router with a blazing top speed of 54 Mbps! (Pretty fast at the time — this was 2003.)


The FCC’s decision to adopt Ubiquiti’s proposal relaxing U-NII-3 Out of Band Emissions rules represents a big win for the wireless industry after two years of negotiation. The relaxation of the U-NII-3 rules, along with a reasonable deadline allowing manufacturers time to bring new designs that meet these new rules to market, means that WISPs will be able to continue to provide cost-effective services to their customers.


Ubiquiti Launches 24/7/365 Live Chat Support

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We're happy to announce the launch of our new 24/7/365 Live Chat Support, available in our Help Center (https://help.ubnt.com), online store, and very soon in-app live chat support. 


Ubiquiti World Conference: NEXT - 7:30 Oct 12th Las Vegas via YouTube Live

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Ubiquiti Update on Security

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Over the last couple of years, Ubiquiti has made an effort to greatly increase the security of our products; this includes both patching any vulnerabilities responsibly before customers may be affected, as well as encouraging (and even forcing) best practices of the use of the products out of the box. In order to provide some transparency in the progress, I wanted to share some of the things we've been working on. 


Ubiquiti OOBE Proposal to the FCC

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For several months now, WISPA and most of the major players in the WISP market, including Ubiquiti, have been working on a proposal to present to the FCC regarding out-of-band emission (OOBE) rules for the 5.7-5.8 GHz band.  


The OEMs and the operators each came to the table with varying perspectives and approaches to solve the problem of how to reach a compromise with the FCC that would allow performance similar to the old 15.247 rules for point-to-point radios without causing issues for TDWR and other systems.   As these diverse ideas were discussed and reviewed, the team at WISPA had the unenviable job of trying to incorporate the various positions into a single proposal.


Yesterday details of that proposal were released, and some may have noticed that Ubiquiti’s name was not on the list of manufacturers that had signed on.  Although we participated in the calls and appreciate the efforts made by WISPA and other manufacturers, Ubiquiti decided to submit an alternate proposal to the FCC with what we feel would be best for WISP's and the industry.  It is not our intent to contradict the WISPA proposal, but rather to provide another option for the FCC to consider. 


Ubiquiti’s strategy is to pursue a simple, straight-forward, two-part compromise proposal with the FCC. The proposed changes (in bold) and a brief explanation are presented below.


  1.  Modify 15.407(b)(4) to read (changes in bold):

"For transmitters operating in the 5.725-5.85 GHz band: All emissions within the frequency range from the band edge to 75 MHz above or below the band edge shall not exceed an e.i.r.p. of 17 dBm/MHz; for frequencies 75 MHz or greater above or below the band edge, emissions shall not exceed an e.i.r.p. of -27 dBm/MHz.”


This first change would modify the rules to take into account the technical challenges posed by the characteristic spectral shape of OFDM signals, which have regrowth components of up to 3x the 26dB bandwidth. However, this change still maintains the -27dBm/MHz emissions limits that the FCC and the FAA have already agreed to for adequate protection of the TDWR band.  Finally, it also aligns the U-NII-3 OOBE with U-NII-1 OOBE rules, which allow 11dBm/MHz + 6dBi antenna = 17dBm/MHz.  


2.  Modify 15.407(b)(3) to read (changes in bold):


"For transmitters operating in the 5.47-5.725 GHz band: All emissions outside of the 5.47-5.850 GHz band shall not exceed an e.i.r.p. of -27 dBm/MHz.”  


This change would make the verbiage consistent with the treatment of the 5250 MHz boundary between U-NII-1 and U-NII-2A in 15.407(b)(1) and (2), and would explicitly allow U-NII-2C transmitters to straddle the 5725 MHz boundary between U-NII-2C and U-NII-3.


Ubiquiti feels that these simple, minor changes will address the concerns of OEMs and operators and allow the manufacture and deployment of economically priced radios that meet the needs of broadband consumers.   More importantly, Ubiquiti believes that these proposals will be acceptable to the FCC because they maintain the –27dBm/MHz protections put in place by the FCC and FAA for the TDWR systems, and because they do not place additional enforcement burdens on the FCC.  This proposal employs the FCC’s existing and trusted infrastructure of certification labs/TCBs to ensure compliance instead of placing the burden on thousands of operators/installers to implement additional regulations to ensure compliance during equipment deployment. 

airMAX ac Live Webinar Wed. Jan 7

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airMAX_ac_mantle 2.jpg


Join us for a live Ubiquiti-hosted Webinar and Q&A session to learn about airMAX® ac, the definitive wireless broadband solution featuring:
•    450 Mbps+ Real Throughput
•    Superior Processing with Proprietary airMAX® ASIC Engine
•    airPRISM™ filtering technology
•    Carrier Class airMAX AC Antennas
•    Revolutionary RF Analytics
•    airOS7– Our Next-Generation Firmware Technology


January 7 at 8am PST | 11am EST | 4pm UTC


See you there!



Thanks for joining us! YouTube link HERE for both the webinar and Q&A for those who missed it live.

Click "Be part of the conversation" to access the Q&A jump feature. 


Announcing airCRM -- The Ultimate ISP Management Platform

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Ubiquiti is excited to announce the launch of our new platform -- airCRM!

airCRM is an all-in-one system for running your ISP, initially including two modules: airCRM Control for network management and monitoring, and airCRM Billing, a WISP-centric billing and invoicing platform.




Ubiquiti Wins 2014 Manufacturer of the Year!

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At the annual WISPAPALOOZA conference in Las Vegas, Ubiquiti was awarded the Manufacturer of the Year Award by WISPA. 


Ubiquiti Bowling Event at WISPAPALOOZA

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Join the Ubiquiti Bowling Team for a night of friendly competition!


The new FCC rules governing out of band emission in the 5.725 to 5.850 band may result in significant reductions in EIRP and usable bandwidith and may force OEMs to incorporate costly design changes which could significantly limit operators' ability to provide low-cost broadband services.  UBNT and WISPA are urging operators to file comments with the FCC urging them to rescind these new rules.  


New www.ubnt.com Site Launched Today!

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The new www.ubnt.com is here!


New Regulatory Blog

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This is the first installment of UBNT blog postings on regulatory matters.  While changes to telecom regulations can sometimes seem glacial as they course through the various national and international bureaucracies, once these changes occur it can take some time for OEMs to design and secure the necessary approvals to bring products to market that comply with new rules.   The purpose of this blog is to talk about regulatory rule proposals and changes, as well as their impact on our industry. 


UniFi Golden AP: We have a winner!

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Last year, we announced our golden AP contest, in which the one millionth UniFi access point customer receives a gold-plated AP; we finally have our winner!


More than 500,000 posts in our community!

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We’re glad to announce that now we have more than half a million posts in our community site. We want to say thank you to all of you for making this such a thriving community and congratulations to @urmom and @alan87i for the 500,000th post!


Ubiquiti World Network

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Today, we begin our journey to make ourselves heard. Today, we launch the BETA for the Ubiquiti World Network; an alliance of individual WISPs working towards a single vision that leverage an unified technology platform, sales and marketing assets, advertising, and political clout.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video says it all...

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Pictures and words are great, but sometimes you just need to have the immersive power of video.


802.11ac updates, CTIA and more

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A few quick updates on the UniFi 802.11ac APs, CTIA in Las Vegas and more...


Join us in April at the Ubiquiti World Conferences in Beijing, Moscow and Delhi!



Migrating Old Forum Accounts to New Ubiquiti Cloud & Community

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Welcome to the new community!

Before starting out with the new community, you will need to migrate your previous forum user account to the new Ubiquiti Cloud system. This user account will be shared with other Ubiquiti online systems (Cloud portals, Support & RMA tracking, etc).

Migrating is easy, only a few steps, including re-verifying your email address.


Welcome to the new Ubiquiti Community

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Hi all,
We're proud to announce the new Ubiquiti Community!
Here are some of the new features and improvements: