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Salt Lake City UBWA Course

Hello everyone! I wanted to leave a review on the UBWA Certification Course I recently completed. The course was provided by Microcom Technologies. My hope is this review might help anyone that is on the fence with taking this course. I’d give the course a 5/5.


I wanted to start off with the trainer, Doug Vest. I found Doug to be a very friendly and well-informed instructor. He started off the training course with having us all introduce ourselves and go over a little of our background and what we would be using the course for. I felt it was interesting to see the different business backgrounds people were coming from. I do not believe I had a question that Doug wasn’t able to answer and most of the time he was able to provide real world examples or uses.


As for the course itself, it contained quite a lot of information some that I didn’t really expect to be in it. The UBWA course explained about some of the different radios available and their uses. How best to setup a wireless network and avoiding interference both with your own equipment as well as any others that might be in the field.(eg. Other CPEs, residential routers). We went over some of the mathematics and physics behind the radios and tools that can be used to assist with planning such as how to figure out the radio fresnel zone, signal strength, SNR, FSPL and more. The course included a lot of practical, hands-on training labs as well where we used the radios that were given to us (that we got to keep in the end) and were shown how to configure, setup and connect to each other in PTMP and PTP settings.


By the end of it, I felt a great deal better equipped to handle the radios. I passed the certification course, with thanks to Doug. My only real quips with the training would be minor, in all honesty. Having lunch provided would have been nice, and it was a bit of a drive with the location that was chosen but seeing as people came from hours away I can’t really complain.


I would definitely recommend taking the UBWA Certification Course. Would also like to give a shoutout to Doug Vest and Stephen Brown, of Microcom Tech. for the course!

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Re: Salt Lake City UBWA Course

Awesome! Nice to see positive feedback for these courses!
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