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Ubiquiti Certification

I would liek to do training on Ubiquiti products to get certification. How is this possible? I live in Cyprus. Is it possible to take the courses online.


I am interested in UBRSS, UBRSA, UBWS, UEWA and UBWA. Travelling is expensive and I wish to do this online.


Also, how much do the courses cost?

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Re: Ubiquiti Certification

Hi @tv-george 


You can reach out to trainers on this list to arrange a localized training:


We will launch an online training course later this year—be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates:




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Re: Ubiquiti Certification

Jamie is there training available to become a certified trainer?
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Re: Ubiquiti Certification

Hola soy de colombia y quiero certificarme en ubiquiti como le hago
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Re: Ubiquiti Certification

@UBNT-Jamie, if we're certified now are we on a list to be notified when the online courses become available?

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Re: Ubiquiti Certification

Hello @UBNT-Jamie


I'm interested to join UCT Training, which will be held at Bali, Indonesia this month. I've filled and submitted the form at April 5,2016 but till now, I still have not got any confirmation or information regarding any detail.


Can you kindly help me about this issue or check my registration status, so just in case anything needed, I can go collect and submit it.


Thanks anyway.