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Dual Wan router recommendation and configuration

Hey guys,
First time time poster here and hopefully soon to be owner of an ubiquiti router.

So my issue is I have cable connection at home that has a terrible upload speed of <3mbps but a great download of 120mbps.

So I want to aggregate my cable and 4g connection I have (which gives me 40/40 mbps) so I can stream to twitch better.

I currently have a bridged cable modem/router into a router with no aggregation or dual wan capabilities and have been suggested to added a ubiquiti router to the mix to solve my issue and save me replacing my entire router. But if its better to replace it then I will do that but thought I would explore this avenue first.

Firstly I'm not sure which model I would need, there are two I think that fit the bill which are the EdgeRouter Lite or the EdgeRouter x so that's my first issue.

The second is I posted on reddit and have been advised that it's possible to have weighted load balanced configured on a device, as I want all the downloading to come from my cable connection and all my upload to the 4g device.

I was given this link for the load balancing

But was also told I should post here as I "might have to use the sticky feature to deal with NAT properly"

So any advice on all of this would be greatly appreciated as it's something I have never had any experience with before.

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Re: Dual Wan router recommendation and configuration