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Is there a roadmap for EoT yet? I would especially like to know if UBNT is planning on using this platform to offer a wide range of PoE-powered „smart building“ devices? I mean things like 

  • Door stations (door bells with audio-video)
  • smoke/fire detectors 
  • carbon monoxide detectors 
  • gas detectors
  • water/flood detectors
  • temperature sensors 
  • door and window sensors (locked? closed?)
  • door locks (authorize, open, close )
  • and much more. Pretty much everything „smart home“ but scalable enough for SMB‘s at least


... all integrated with UniFI WiFi and Video solutions 

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Re: Roadmap?

sign up for early access member and join the conversation for beta forum.

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Re: Roadmap?

How could I do that?
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Re: Roadmap?

Community -> Account -> Early Access Program

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Re: Roadmap?

Hello @Magbis,


Take a look at this article!




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