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AP uptime

Submitted by - a month ago
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Could it be possible to add a setting so that future changed ssettings could be schedule, so the APs won't go down immediately, or have a option that some APs first update the settings and other ones later this also could be implemented with firmware updates.


I will give a example, if you have like a company or a home network with multiple APs and you have allot of people on the network and some new settings or updates need to be applied but you don't want to kill the wirreless network when applying new settings, so when this feature is implemented you can say 50% of your APs will update the settings or there software and when their done and back online, the other 50% of the APs van do their updates or settings that need to be applied or this settings change could be scheduled for maintenance and also the updates.


In this case you will have a bigger uptime of your wirreless network or less people disconnected.