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Access gathering point (extremely short range, low power AP)

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Call me crazy, but I would really like an extremely short range, low power access point where people have to be within roughly 10-17 feet to use. Think of a sort of gathering point. My primary use case is in the home, to encourage children to gather in one location (like a living room) instead of bedrooms. Maybe there are some other crazy use cases beyond this?


on ‎04-10-2019 08:12 PM
Sorry, but that's not how WiFi works. Even a very low signal level can be used for low data rate applications--and with patience, even more complex ones. Lowered signal levels don't eliminate WiFi--they reduce data rates. You would likely simply end up with erratic access patterns, without actually limiting to a 'gathering point'. Do you really believe you can control kids' behavior with such a simple ruse? They're shrewd animals, after all. Dave