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Additional networks types

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Instead of LAN there is a Corp and Guest network type.

That might be enought for most home users, but for SOHO, which UniFi is aimed at aswell as home users, its not enough.


What i would like to see is a DMZ network type, a network which is open for anyone but host on this network cant get to any other network.


Another network type which home users could use is a IOT network type. A network which is just like Guest with the exeption of allowing connections to be made between hosts on the same network.


Bu adding this makes it much easier to manage the networks and if you could replace the in/out/local rules categories to be based on network instead, such as wan/lan/vlan/guest/iot/dmz etc. The in/out/local can be keept as a option when creating a rule. This would make a much easier and better management structure.